Dos mil vint-i-dos Planner

Inspired by the personal identity of @eternesparaules, the planner Dos mil vint-i-dos​​​​​​​ was designed in parallel to the poetry book Cartes al Present; both designed by

The design is based around the concept of les coses petites (the details of everyday life). The writer, Ester Vallés (@eternesparaules) has a large community of followers interested in her vision of the world. Our goal was to create Ester's personal planner, full of details that make it an intimate and special object. The title of the planner, Dos mil vint-i-dos, is expressed with words and in Catalan, just as Ester does through poetry.

The typographies chosen for the graphic design are inspired by the writer's personality. Inside, the sans serif font and thin lines are the main graphic assets to provide a solid layout structure.

Each month begins with an original letter/collage created ad hoc for the planner. These elements are made from archive material provided by the writer. The same kind of visuals are included on the book Cartes al Present, written by Ester Vallés and also designed by

Another detail that makes this diary unique is the way it highlights specific days that the writer considers special. Among these, we find dates such as the anniversary of her favorite writer's death, the day of the book in the Catalan language, Saint Jordi's Day, etc. The markings simulate pen annotations in Ester's own handwriting.

For the production, we opted for recycled paper and paperback binding with a 300g fiber paper cover. This choice allows the planner to be completely open, making it easy to write on any page.

© Graphic Design:, 2021