Isabel Merchante, Rainbow Drawing: Figure 6.2 The course of a galaxy with different orbits revolving around the centre at  London (2024)

Exhibition: Elephant in the Loop
Location: hARTslane gallery
Dates: 25/06/2024 - 29/06/2024
Curator: Elephant's Events
Artists: Antigoon, HMX, Maximilian Pellizzari, Isabel Merchante, Franco Conte, Giovanni Zonta, Kevin Ianeselli, Stephanie Teng, Michael Wallinger, Cambrè, Elisavet Mandilara

Elephant in the Loop is a multi-dimensional and digital group show that delves into the ever-evolving concept of the Loop, bringing together a diverse array of artistic expressions. Together, these works explore the Loop in its many forms anc implications, from the cyclical nature of human behavior to the repetitive patterns found in the digital realm. The exhibition features the work of 12 emerging artists from varied backgrounds, each contributing a unique perspective and working across an impressive spectrum of media, including video and light installations, performance art, digital creations, artificial intelligence, and print.

Covering a broad spectrum of themes, including the growing influence of new technologies in our lives and their transformative effect on the arts and entertainment industries, the ensemble of works showcased juxtaposes contemporary digital techniques with traditional analogue methods, reflecting on how these different modalities coexist and interact. Additionally, it examines the mathematical underpinnings of loops, such as algorithms that shape our experiences on social media platforms and influence video art.

Beyond the technological and mathematical dimensions, this show also raises profound questions about the human condition. It probes how societal norms and beliefs are perpetuated over time, creating loops that shape our collective behaviour and understanding of the world. Through this exploration, we invite you to contemplate the loops that govern your own life and consider how breaking or embracing these cycles can lead to new forms of expression